"As an Empath myself, I appreciate both the potential challenges and gifts of this trait, as well as the value of working with someone who gets US. I enjoy partnering with my clients in focusing on using their highly sensitive natures to their benefit, while also helping them identify and develop appropriate means of self-management that ensures they remain true to themselves while growing their leadership qualities.." Michelle Green, ACC

About Michelle

Taking the first step towards positive change in your health is often the hardest thing to do if you're an "HSP" (Highly Sensitive Person). Enter Michelle Green, an experienced trained and certified coaching professional and empath (HSP). Michelle graduated from The Seattle Coach Training and Development Program and has spent the last 25 years developing her leadership and coaching style within the healthcare profession of Dentistry. In addition, she has studied and applied many modalities of alternative energetic healing, and inner work in her own life. By assisting clients with finding the right tools and applying her intuitive abilities and knowledge, Michelle has helped clients unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success. See what is possible for you today!


Michelle is passionate about coaching her clients through life and career burnout, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue and self management. Fatigue comes in many forms and is a very common condition, it directly affects the body's ability to heal and can prevent you from enjoying your daily activities and attaining what your body needs in order to heal. 

Michelle works with her clients to recalibrate, develop techniques, tools and healthy habits to support the healing of their body, mind and soul.

If you are an individual who is feeling bogged down, anxious, chronically fatigued, have trouble sleeping and struggle to set boundaries, she will partner with you to uncover what it looks like to move through our world as while navigating a healthy career and life balance.

Indications that you may be susceptible or experiencing burnout:

You commonly get a "full" night sleep but still feel exhausted in the morning, wondering how you're going to make it through the day with little to no energy.


You easily connect with others but are often exhausted after talking with them, even though it was a positive interaction. 


You find yourself often overcommitted and putting others before yourself, is it difficult to set boundaries? 


You are easily overwhelmed or overstimulated with the world around you such as crowds, loud music and sounds, smells.

Michelle is a certified coach and Empath who is well versed in a variety of natural healing modalities and carries a unique combination of intuition, experience and knowledge of what it means to be an HSP(Highly Sensitive Person) and Empath while juggling a career and family.

As your coach, Michelle is here to provide you with the support and accountability you need in order to set goals, create new habits, navigate change, and reach your own definition of self care wellness success.

An important piece of the puzzle;

There is power in know your personality type. Are you living your life in alignment with who you are innately meant to be? Take this personality assessment to learn more about you. 




After many years of complete exhaustion and chronic adrenal fatigue in her own body, Michelle is in remission and she understands what it takes to heal. Once she discovered more about herself and that being an empath/highly sensitive person was a major piece of the puzzle in her healing journey, she learned she was experiencing Empathy Burnout .

It is her passion to empower and coach others such as highly sensitive people, ranging from healthcare professionals and other individuals who are struggling to find their place navigating in this world as a highly sensitive person or in who are just in search of work/life balance. She works with her clients around issues related to career wellness, burnout healing and prevention .

Burnout coaching can help...

If you often feel overcommitted and overwhelmed in your life and you’re not quite sure where to begin.
If you have difficulty setting boundaries for yourself and others around you and you often put others wants and needs before yourself.

If you have difficulty getting out of bed even though you've had a full nights sleep.

If you have chronic fatigue and exhaustion and are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.

If you want to bust through obstacles that get in the way of your health and happiness.

If you feel what others feel.... but you thought everyone else can too (Nope.They can't, HSP's/Empath's make up only 15-20% of the overall population) You are unique! 

 In your initial sessions you will work together to identify your goals and areas of focus. 

Michelle helps her clients design sustainable strategies and actions toward progress by creating accountability in line with her clients goals and aspirations and can help them remember how to show up for themselves again or for the first time!



Client Testimonials

Sigrid H., RDH, BS


"I had the pleasure of working with Michelle for 3 years at Pacific Northwest Smiles. She coached me and inspired me during those years, professionally and personally. Michelle has a wonderful way with people and can intuitively tune in what they need. I watched her deliver sensitive information with grace, calmness and appropriately placed humor. Any person or business is lucky to have her in their corner."

Interested in what coaching might look like for you? Send Michelle a message!


Healthcare Leaders, contact Michelle for a free consultation to learn more about how she can help you create your own custom blueprint!


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Michelle Green, ACC


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